Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MORE Trying New Things...

Hmm... Another new thing with good results in the toe region...

We have be doing amazingly well reducing the height of the swelling in J's dorsum, and are back in shoes, sometimes. Granted they are a half to a whole size too long, and wide-width, and pretty boring, but they are shoes.

Well, Ms. Gretchen wanted us to try something new. We've foregone almost ALL the foam and padding, no chip bags, no nothin'. Just (in order even):
  • stockinette to the knee (open-toed)
  • 1-inch elastomull in new and increasingly creative weaves around the toes
  • artiflex to the knee
  • foam pads for the front and back of the ankle area (each about 1 1/2-in x 2 1/2in)
  • bandaging from just below the toes (toward ankle) to knee - we recently switched from 4cm to 6cm 'cause (sniff-sniff) my baby girl is growing up...
  • another short piece of stockinette over the toes to protect them since they are open with this wrap
  • and vetrap (today it was red) to hold it all together. We did socks over the bandaging last week and earlier this week and the bandages slip off over her toes under the socks, so today we're back to our vetrap. It's only in a single, thing layer though, just enough to hold the bandages together... Oh, yea, and for those worried about me using horse supplies on the kiddo, it's the same stuff as coban, just a heckuva lot cheaper
Then, over all this, shoes, tied as tightly as is comfortable. HUGE results in the toes this way, the therapist was thrilled to see 'em today! It has a good, even pressure effect on the fibrotic areas on top of her feet, but now that we've got that down some I agree with Gretchen, it's time to see about getting regular size piggies on my girl...

Oh, if you're wondering... The links above are just the places I found good info and/or pictures of the type of thing we use and are in no way, shape, or form an endorsement for any particular product or supplier of products. But if they wanna give me free supplies that could change--I'm flexible ;-)


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