Wednesday, January 18, 2006

They're baaaccck

Actually the stockings came in a little over a week ago. She hates them.

They are a little tighter, I can definitely tell where they tightened up the top band. They added the dart across the front of the ankle but its not enough, they still gather, just not as badly.

They also still sag. I don't think this is a matter of fit so much as construction. The material they use for the top band seems to be unique in the world of le stockings. Even the therapist had never seen similar before. It is a thick elastic band with the stocking material sewn to it, but the elastic is thick in a height-type way as well as the width of the band, and it's oddly fuzzy. It IS nice and soft, but doesn't stay up so good. Personally I think the top band is pulled down the leg by its own weight.

Did I mention she hates them?

She's worn them twice since they came in. I told her she's gonna have to get over this and she says no. *sigh*

She would actually rather be BANDAGED than wear her stockings. And I hate bandaging.

There, I've said it. I hate bandaging. Obviously I need to get over it. A *big* part of me is hoping I get the outside-the-house job I recently applied for because then I can make her father help with the lymphedema care. I don't work now, so I get NO help. None. He couldn't even tell you the name of her most recent therapist and sure couldn't find the clinic himself. But I digress...

I'm gonna go pop Girlchild (J's new pseudonym) into the tub then be the mean mommy and make her wear her stockings.


One big downside to the altered stockings - before I could wrap her toes under them, but there's no way that can happen now. I'm tempted to order another pair using the original measurements and just have them add the silicone to the tops...

Gotta call my mom today and see if she has any ideas for how we can make the current pair stay up since they don't have the manufacturer's expensive silicone fabric in the tops...


Blogger Drama Mama said...

Get creative girl. Poor baby.

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