Sunday, January 29, 2006


Still haven't figured out the sliding stockings, but I plan to pick up a pair of basic thigh-highs this week and investigate the tops of them.

In the meantime, Grama was here earlier this week and I *finally* remembered to give her one of J's old Tribute's to deconstruct so we can see 'bout making our own. Apparently she thinks the biggest deal will be finding the fabric. It needs to be something that breathes and has all-way stretch. Knowing nothing about fabric I'm taking her word on it. She thinks it may be something I can get my father to look for for me (he runs a mattress factory).

Anywho. Going to Grama's this afternoon so dh can fix her puter and we can look at fabric with J. We're letting her (within reason) pick colors and fantasies for her own room and redecorating, hopefully to be completed on/near her birthday for her to move in.


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