Sunday, October 30, 2005

Progress Report

Well, the therapist has switched us to once a week appointments, primarily so we can use her for brainstorming and troubleshooting any probs we may run into.

I'm as good at wrapping as I've ever been--in fact, lately, the one the therapist wraps has been coming loose faster...

I've got kinesio-taping down, practical and principles so I can experiment safely on my own.

Our job now? Find a daytime garment we like and start the insurance process for it. We're not ready for it yet, but the paperwork needs to get done so that once we are we can just measure and go.
Woo hoo!

Now, for a treat, J the Halloween Genie!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Flight Planned

We're in mostly sunny SoCal. J has now had her first TWO plane flights. I was worried about flying with her LE feet so I broke the flight from Austin to LA into two legs with a little running around time between flights.

Her therapist wrapped her around noon Wednesday, we flew out at 630am Thursday, and she stayed wrapped til yesterday (Friday) morning around 8am. She was supposed to be unwrapped for the duration of my shower then wrapped up again. We got all ready to re-wrap then realized I had no scissors to trim kinesio-tape. I didn't pack any with the rest of her wrapping supplies in my carry-on cuz of airport security (and it still took 4x through to get my laptop through in Austin!).

So, despite what the therapist & I both know is best, she was unwrapped all day yesterday. Which is bad. But, since her great-grandmother and I took her to the beach it kinda worked out. Her aunt calls her a 'sugar cookie' and let me tell you she looked like one by the time we left the beach yesterday! She wasn't allowed in the water but she still managed to be covered stem to stern in sand!

That's the happy bits. The bad bits is that her one really bad toe is shiny again. As in swollen shiny. We were making such great progress in therapy, not as fast as I'd hope, but softer and starting to see wrinkles and it's ALL gone. So, Imma go massage & wrap the kiddo and kinesio her toes & hope for the best.