Wednesday, December 28, 2005

They Came! Woo Hoo!

Got the little envelope in the mail and boy was I excited. They are seriously pink - check out the picture! I'm a little worried that they are either too loose or don't go up high enough on her calves. She wanted to ride her new bike from Santa and I know biking is good for LE legs so I made her put the stockings on first. They kept sliding down her legs while she was playing and throughout the evening. I know when we measured her therapist said that for comfort the tops of the stockings should be two finger-widths below the joint of the knee. I'm just wondering if that is for an adult and not a child--the stockings act like they are fully covering the calf, you know, going past the curve of the calf so that they won't roll down her legs.

She was light wrapped for bed last night and as soon as we got up I put her back in the stockings, with a few changes. I left her toes wrapped from overnight because they were VERY hard when I took the stockings off last night. I covered the toe wraps with little girl knee highs (regular panty hose) to keep them together and slid the stockings over that. She was able to mostly get one of them on herself, another things that makes me wonder... I'm glad they're easy to get on, but wonder if maybe it's not just a little too easy.

We're off to see the therapist now that the stockings are here and we'll get her opinion.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Still Waiting

I called Thursday, the 22nd, to check status on miss thang's stockings. I was told they shipped out on the 21st.

Still waiting--was SO hoping they'd make it here in time for Christmas. Oh well :-(

Monday, December 12, 2005

I *don't* love my insurance, though...

Got a phone call from BioConcepts today, asking for info from the insurance card since the fax was less than legible.

Hope the measurements were!!!

When they called back two hours later to say that ****** wouldn't pay because they are out of network and we haven't met our in or out of network deductibles, let alone the stop loss. Fun.

After a lengthy conversation about trying to get compression garments on a wiggly 4 1/2 year old she talked me out of the toe glove. I'm hoping Gretchen doesn't get torqued about this. And, we can always send them back to have them add them back on.

Total for two custom stockings, to the knee, fuschia, with little horse appliques? $108.00.

Yep, that's it. For BOTH legs. I was expecting about that per... So, annoyed that insurance seems to think they aren't medically necessary and relieved that they are more economical than I expected.

Now the waiting begins - she said 5-7 business days is normal. Hopefully they'll be here by Christmas (they'd look just adorable with the pink ballerina dress under the tree!).

Friday, December 09, 2005

Order Placed

It's done!

Picked up the scrip and letter of medical necessity from the doc, finished filling out the paperwork, and got it all faxed! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Love Love Love - Feelin' the Love

I LOVE J's therapist!

We cancelled our appointment for today because part of our roof was damaged by wind last week and the roofer couldn't get here til Monday and it was supposed to rain today so I *had* to get that fixed this morning. They got done uber-fast and I called back to see if we could reschedule our cancelled appointment and come in. She said yes. And between the two of us, grown adults mind you, we spent 2 1/2 HOURS reading directions, marking, dotting, and revisiting, then redoing it cuz the people at BioConcepts told us when we called that YES, she did need to be standing when the measurements were taken... She worked through her lunch with us, through her staff meeting, and we're READY! Got all the measurements (forgot the compression ratio though, so Imma call her in the a.m. to get that info), made the tracings, the works. We are READY to order our daytime garment.

I LOVE J's pediatrician!

Who called me back this afternoon, AFTER HOURS, to discuss the note her nurse left her "pt. needs a med. mes". I explained it was a letter of medical necessity for the garment, plus a prescription, she verified what it was for, gave me a couple of key words (preventive care, to ~maintain~ the progress made during physical therapy the last 5 months, etc.) to use when beggin... er... calling the insurance to see if they'll pay for it. Our pedi is an amputee so she said if insurance paid for her new uber prostheses it oughta pay for our hose. Wonder how many pairs they'll pay for? She is typing up the letter, SO much better than the standardized form from the garment co (IMHO) and the scrip & will have them for us by Friday.

I love J!

For being so totally awesome through the ordeal of measuring today. Awesome by 4-year old standards, mind you, so there was still lots of fidgeting, widgeting, wiggling, whining, and, eventually, bribing (that'd be me) going on. But all-in-all, for someone who hand to stand up, lie down, be polka-dotted, pinched, and cirumferenced without knowing what the heck it's really all about (she won't get it til the garment gets here, I'm sure) she was pretty awesome. Oh, and today's post is hot pink cuz it's the closest blogger color I could find to the fuschia she chose for her hose... *sigh* At least she'll be easy to find in a crowd.

I LOVE me!

For making this happen... With luck I'll be faxing the order form & required paperwork on Friday!

Now to make some phone calls and find out if I'm going to love my health insurance company...