Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Don't Know What to Think

Shortly after my last post J wore her stockings all day, under her shoes.


Poor thing, her feet sweat something fierce and her stockings were just nasty when we got 'em off that night, wet and smelly with that funky crunchy texture you sometimes get in the toes of pantyhose on hot days when the sweat dries. Nappy.

I put em in the laundry room to be washed. Then she went to her grandparents' house for 10 days and I forgot about them. Then they got buried under a pile of other hand-washables and forgotten some more.

I *finally* got them laundered this weekend. She saw them hanging on the sweater rack to dry and decided to put them on yesterday (they were dry, just waiting to be dealt with).

She got them on all by herself. Completely correctly except that she had them on the wrong legs...Maybe it's just my perspective of trying to put things on her being harder than her trying to put things on herself, but should it have been this easy? We measured for them in Dec, got them back with corrections right around New Year's and I know she's gotten taller since then. Shouldn't they be harder to put on, not easy?


I don't think I'm ever gonna figure this out...